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Where We Stand

Building our Urban and Rural Communities.

Wildrose is committed to building the infrastructure Alberta needs for a thriving economy and quality of life that is second to none. Meeting Alberta’s growth challenges in every community – both urban and rural – will take foresight and leadership. >more

Excellence in Education


Education is the foundation of success and opportunity. It is the single biggest investment we as a province will make in our future. We need to get it right. Wildrose is committed to Moving Alberta Forward and partnering with parents and students to make sure each child receives the world-class education they deserve. >more

Caring for seniors, children and the vulnerable

Alberta remains one of the most prosperous places in the world with a quality of life that is second-to-none. However, not everybody is fortunate enough to enjoy some of the comforts and privileges the rest of us take for granted. Wildrose recognizes the many instances of seniors, children and individuals with physical or mental disabilities who need support to enjoy the quality of life they deserve. >more

Putting Victims First


Alberta’s justice system is in need of reform. It has become too difficult, time-consuming and expensive for everyday Albertans to access and navigate. It has become too lenient on violent criminals, who are often released into our communities without serving their full sentences. And far too often the rights of the accused and convicted are put before the rights of their victims. All of this must end. >more